AF senior leaders kick off annual AFA conference

By Tech. Sgt. Steve Grever and Senior Airman Michelle Patten Air Force Public Affairs Agency Air Force senior leaders kicked off this year’s Air Force Association Air and Space Conference today in Washington D.C. They discussed several Air … [Read more...]

Top 6 Air Force pride posts for 2014

By Staff Sgt. Antonio Gonzalez Air Force Public Affairs Agency Over the past week, we looked at the analytics from our Facebook page and compiled the top six Air Force pride posts from 2014. Our Saturday pride posts consist of an inspirational … [Read more...]

10 phrases Airmen say

By Capt. Victoria Hight Air Force Public Affairs Agency Everywhere you go, people use words and phrases that give away their origins. Those from the South may insist “ya’ll” is a legitimate contraction (which it is!). Midwesterners tend to … [Read more...]

Continuing the Tradition of “Airmen helping Airmen”

By Beatriz Swann (CMSgt, Ret) Air Force Aid Society I joined the U.S. Air Force in 1979 at the young age of 18. I knew the Air Force would offer opportunities that I would otherwise not have if I stayed in my hometown. What I thought would be a … [Read more...]

Overcoming and avoiding running injuries

By Bill Goins Kunsan Air Base Health Promotion Program Readiness in the military is critical to success. Part of being “ready” is being as fit as possible at all times. We never know when we may have to call on our physical fitness to … [Read more...]

Eliminating stigma: A leadership responsibility

By Lt. Col. Chris Karns Secretary of the Air Force Public Affairs As a child, a close relative of mine committed suicide. In those days, mental health was only discussed in hushed tones and little support was available. I was shaped by this … [Read more...]

Sudan ‘Lost Boy’ serves as Kadena NCO

By Senior Airman Maeson L. Elleman 18th Wing Public Affairs “At the age of 10, I have seen death; I have buried other kids – at the age of 10,” he said, a sadness moving into his eyes. “But at the same time, I’ve … [Read more...]

Pursue your dreams

By 1st Lt. Katherine Ward 608th Air Operations Center Everyone has a dream. Something they deem virtually impossible to achieve. Something that if the world was perfect and the stars were aligned, it could happen. If you were granted only one wish … [Read more...]

‘You always get back up’

By Staff Sgt. David Salanitri Airman Magazine Retired Master Sgt. Tony Anderson has taken part in the Navarre Beach Surf Warrior program for three years. Anderson, a wounded warrior, believes spending time on the water is the best therapy for him. … [Read more...]

Cadets take stand against sexual violence

By Amber Baillie U.S. Air Force Academy Public Affairs Athletes at the U.S. Air Force Academy are serious about sexual assault awareness – so much so, they filmed a “Cadet Athletes Against Sexual Violence” video in the spring that … [Read more...]