The Oath of Enlistment

By Staff Sgt. Jarrod Chavana Air Force Social Media When you join any branch of the U.S. military, you take an oath of enlistment. Sometimes this oath is conducted in a private ceremony with only a handful of individuals, but other times it is performed in front of sold-out stadiums. I’ve gathered a few photos highlighting our Delayed Enlistment Program enlistees who are taking their first steps toward enlisting in the Air Force. The first time someone has the opportunity they will resemble … [Read more...]


The Air Force Recruiting Service and the Air Force Public Affairs Agency teamed up and held another Tweet Chat session! We helped answer countless Air Force related questions such as, “Should I join the Air National Guard? Or go active duty?” and “Do I have to cut my hair if I join?” If you didn’t catch our recent session, click “Continue reading” to see what you missed out on! Q1: Is it true that you have to get a 60 on the Armed Services Vocational … [Read more...]

20 Years of GPS

By Staff Sgt Antonio Gonzalez Air Force Public Affairs Agency The Global Positioning System is celebrating its 20th anniversary today! On July 17, 1995, the Air Force officially declared the GPS fully operational. The system is a constellation of orbiting satellites that provides navigation data to military and civilian users all over the world. The system is operated and controlled by just seven Airmen, averaging 23 years in age, at the 50th Space Wing at Schriever Air Force Base, … [Read more...]

Brothers in arms: A story of three Airmen

Airman 1st Class Collin Schmidt 341st Missile Wing Public Affairs The bond between brothers is a very special thing. As the oldest of three, this bond holds a very special place in my heart. In the military, it is also common to hear people refer to the men and women who perform this duty of service, brothers and sisters in arms. From left to right, Logan, Kendrick and Collin Schmidt pose for a photograph after a graduation ceremony at Joint Base San Antonio, Texas, June 26. Logan was the most … [Read more...]

Infographic: Global Strike

By Tech. Sgt. Steve Grever Air Force Social Media The Air Force leverages its global strike capabilities to project military power with a lighter footprint than other military option. Our aircraft and combat Airmen possess unique abilities that are critical to achieving tactical, operational and strategic effects during combat operations. The infographic below highlights how different Air Force assets are used to accomplish our mission of providing global strike capabilities to combatant … [Read more...]